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Singing Vecchia Zimarra

Singing Vecchia Zimarra

Vecchia Zimarra (Old coat) is the Colline's aria from the 4th act of La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini. This aria for bass is sung when Mimì, haggard and pale, is assisted onto a bed. Briefly, she feels as though she is recovering. Musetta and Marcello leave to sell Musetta's earrings in order to buy medicine, and Colline leaves to pawn his overcoat. Here some suggestion on how to better approach the study of this aria. Continue Reading...


Vecchia Zimarra - Interpretation Tips

Before singing this aria, pay close attention to the story and the emotional situation you are living. Simply, before singing it, analyze the story and the lyrics. Try to become Colline and understand who you are and what you are saying and especially the reason of your words. This aria is not jist sung with the voice, but also with all the feeling that you can achieve studying this character, Colline.

Vecchia Zimarra - Technical Tips

The sorrow of this aria is in the intonation. The Orchestra plays at a very low volume and if you sing with a "big" voice, you'll hear it even less, with the risk of fall or rise in pitch. Sing soft on the breath, making a good Legato! you will be much more interesting to your audience. Sing this aria not too slow.

Vecchia Zimarra - Focusing On

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Vecchia Zimarra - Listening Suggestion

We believe that listening to great singers is always the best way to improve your technique and style. do not try to do what they do while singing (each of us is unique and unrepeatable and what is good for the great singers may not work well for you!), just listen to the sound and try to reproduce it with your voice! Use our files and tracks to study the song and record yourself. Listening to yourself singing is always a good place to start.

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