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Singing Recondita Armonia

singing recondita armonia

Recondita Armonia (Recondite harmony) is the first romanza in the opera Tosca, by Giacomo Puccini. It is sung by the painter Mario Cavaradossi when comparing his love, Tosca, to a portrait of Mary Magdalene that he is painting. Here some tips&tricks from PianoVoiceOpera staff on how to better face this aria. Continue Reading...

Recondita Armonia - Interpretation Tips

Tenors, please, respect dynamics, piano, legato and accents. Puccini strived to write them and it is right to respect them. Timing is very important! Do not accelerate or slow down as you like. Every single Puccini's intention is well written over the score. Just respect it and you'll get a wonderful interpretation.

Recondita Armonia - Technical Tips

Be warned! This is the first aria that you sing in this opera. The risk is that your voice is not perfectly warmed-up threatening to push it more than it is necessary. Also consider that the first Act of Tosca is a very long one. So be sure to warm up your voice in the dressing room as the best you can. Take care to each passage from a vocal register to another. "Cover" them all! In this way you'll avoid to get tired in the last Bb (sib).

Recondita Armonia - Focusing On:

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Recondita Armonia - Listening Suggestions

We believe that listening to great singers is always the best way to improve your technique and style. do not try to do what they do while singing (each of us is unique and unrepeatable and what is good for the great singers may not work well for you!), just listen to the sound and try to reproduce it with your voice! Use our files and tracks to study the song and record yourself. Listening to yourself singing is always a good place to start.

Pietro Giuliacci


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