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How to use the PianoVoiceOpera Quotation System

PianoVoiceOpera Quotation System

A great novelty of our latest upgrade is the introduction of a new Quotation System. But now let's go for just a second to our previous website to see how we managed the request before.

In the old pianovoiceopera.com we just gave our customers the opportunity to place a request. We normally uploaded 1 request per week. In just a couple of years we achieved the amount of over 100 queued requests! ​Not too bad for us (it means that singers need tracks) but not so good for the people that placed the request n° 101 having to wait 101 weeks to buy the track they need. So we implemented the "Priority System". Everyone who placed a request had the opportunity to buy a Priority ticket for his request. The problem in this case was that if more than 5 customers bought priority at the same time, our pianists (starting from Andrea) started to go crazy!

So, we soon decided to redesign completely the whole system of request and priority. We invented a Quotation System!​ Let's go on and see how it works!

You can always tell us what your needs are using the form in our request page. You can suggest us which author, opera and aria title you need. If you want you can upload and send us the pdf sheet music file too.​ You can visit the page here.
It is important to know that using the form in the request page you just advise us about a Title that you need. 
In a few days you'll find the title among the "Titles on demand" area in our website. You can see it here. If you subscribed to any of our mailing list, you'll receive a weekly email about new titles on demand available for quotation. Only when you find the title you can send us a quotation request. Let's go and see how to do that!

Se tu m'ami

Titles on demand are distinguished by a light gray color; such products are not available yet for direct purchasing but you need to send us a quotation request. In this way we’ll know which title and which ind files you need from the title. You can see the example of "Se tu m'ami" by Pergolesi.

Once you enter in the product page you won't find the button "Add to Cart" but "Add to Quote". Before adding to quote a product you must select which kind of file (or files) you wish to be quoted.​

​See the video below and everything will be clear!

Once you sent us the quote request we will receive an email notification. In few days (more or less 3 working days) we will sent you a proposal (always via email, so be sure to receive all the communications coming from [email protected]) that you can accept or decline. We hope you'll accept all the proposal that we'll send you. Anyway, when you accept a proposal - you can do it directly from the received email or from our website - you'll be redirect to the check put page. The day after we receive the payment we'll start working on your request. The delivery time will be notified before the payment, inside the same proposal email.

I hope this faq blog post is enough clear and that it'll simplify the approach to our quotation system. If you have some question, please use the comments below or write me at [email protected] Finally, if you think that this PianoVoiceOpera service could be helpful for your singers friends, please share this page using the buttons below. Thank you! 

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