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How to Sing Deh vieni non tardar, Le Nozze di Figaro, Mozart

deh vieni non tardar

Deh vieni non tardar (Please come, don’t be late) is a aria for Soprano from act 4 of "Le Nozze di Figaro " (The Marriage of Figaro) by W. A. Mozart, libretto by Da Ponte. Susanna teases Figaro by singing this love song to her beloved within Figaro's hearing. Figaro is hiding behind a bush and, thinking the song is for the Count, becomes increasingly jealous. Here are some tips on how to better face this aria. Continue Reading...


Deh vieni non tardar - Technical Tips

Dear Soprano, you are going to study one of the simplest Mozart’s Aria but, this does not mean that you have to study a little :)

First of all….Recitative:

Don’t solmizate exactly all the bars. Sometimes compositors uses notes value because they need it to completely fill the bars. In the case of this recitative, if you try to recite it, you’ll understand that the rhythm of what you are sayng is very similar to the intention of the composer. So, recite singing! Pronounce distinctly each words. If the audience does not understand what you are saying, they won't also understand your mood and the continuation of the story (that’s why recitatives exist).

Let's talk about the aria:

It needs a very good legato. You can get it trying to sing consonants without breaking the breath, making all the melody more homogeneous.
This song is full of small jumps! Do not think just to go up and down because you’ll sing in a not homogeneous way and the acute notes will result surely tight. To avoid this problem try to anticipate as much as possible all the vocal positions that you need to achieve, starting from the note before. Keep in mind that the notes are all at the same height. This should help you to sing the melody in a homogeneous way.

Deh vieni non tardar - Interpretation Tips

Remember that Susanna isn’t a really good girl. So, in every word you say there’s always a bit of malice and puns…..it is known that Mozart and Da Ponte enjoyed themselves so much to write works together. Put so much malice and fun to play.

Deh vieni non tardar - Focusing on

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Deh vieni non tardar - Learning files and tracks

Deh vieni non tardar - Listening suggestions

We believe that listening to great singers is always the best way to improve your technique and style. Not trying to do what they do while singing (each of us is unique and unrepeatable and what is good for the big singers maybe will not work good for you!) just listen the sound and try to reproduce it with your voice! Use our files and tracks to study the song and record yourself. Listening to yourself singing is always a good place to start.

Mirella Freni

Patrizia Ciofi


I hope this post will help you to face this aria in the right way. If you think this blog post can help your friends, share it using the following buttons or let us know your experience with this Mozart aria placing a comment below. Did you sing it as a professional singer? Or for a Recital or Audition? Share your point of view with our community! Thank you.

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