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Could tonsillitis break my voice?

May tonsillitis stop singing

3 weeks ago I had a severe tonsillitis. I was very sick for more than a week and, during these days, my body temperature was constantly over 40 degrees. Well, I decided to share with you my story and tell you how I come out from it. Continue reading...


Why I got tonsillitis?

Well, it's true I'm 40 years old and I still have tonsils and sometimes it could happen that I get tonsillitis. I'm not a doctor but I asked to my otolaryngology and he told me that it could be a bacterial or viral infection and that there's nothing to do to avoid it. When it is caused by a virus it is less hard to defeat, but when it is caused by a bacterium it could be much difficult to heal.

May tonsillitis stop me singing?

Sure, it could happen! During my disease my tonsils were completely white colored! I had no simple tonsil plaques but the whole tonsils were a plaque.

Here you can find an image of my tonsils taken during those days. I warn you that it is really disgusting, but if you are curious and if you have a strong stomach, you can see it!

The day after the incoming of tonsillitis, the infection probably fell down to the larynx. Larynx and tonsils are very close.​ Well.....no voice! Not a single vibration....nothing! And it went on for nearly 2 weeks!

How I cured tonsillitis?

Well, I have got a very strong antibiotic and tachipirina and I also had a bad reaction to these medicines. But the point is that, even if after 6 days my tonsils was a quite better and my temperature was ok, I wasn't able to sing!I asked again to my otolaryngology and he confirmed me that the infection also had attached the larynx. He also told me that this is not usual but sometimes it may happen and that the only cure to this infection is to wait that it stop!


I told you my short story about my last tonsillitis and I hope you'll never have to deal with it especially if you must sing! Anyway, if you have your story about tonsillitis and infection to the vocal tract, please leave a comment below and tell to our readers what happened to you and how did you manage it. Or, if you're a doctor (otolaryngology) and you know about special tricks to heal quickly from this disease, please use our Facebook comment form to give us your suggestion! Ciao

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