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In this blog category you can find posts regarding pianovoiceopera.com tips. In other words, those posts will help you to use our website. Something like FAQs but with all the interaction that a blog post offer.

How to use the PianoVoiceOpera Quotation System

PianoVoiceOpera Quotation System

A great novelty of our latest upgrade is the introduction of a new Quotation System. But now let’s go for just a second to our previous website to see how we managed the request before.In the old pianovoiceopera.com we just gave our customers the opportunity to place a request. We normally uploaded 1 request per week. In just a couple of years we achieved the amount of over 100 queued requests! ​Not too bad for us (it means that singers need tracks) but not so good for the people that placed the request n° 101 having to wait 101 weeks to buy the track they need. So we implemented the “Priority System”. Everyone who placed a request had the opportunity to buy a Priority ticket…

About pianovoiceopera products’s colors

About PianoVoiceOpera colors

With the last PianoVoiceOpera Upgrade we introduce the concept of Titles. It means that for each aria title there are 7 (in few months they’ll be 8) learning files that will help you to study it in a faster and simple way.When we started focusing on this new 7 products available for each title, the question was: “How can we make it easy for singers to distinguish witch kind of file they are browsing on and evaluating?” In other words, we had 7 files with the same title and we decided to distinguish them using colors!On our website is possible to find 7 files (products) for each title (aria) at the moment, but we are working on a new file type that will be available soon. So, I prefer…

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