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About pianovoiceopera products’s colors

About PianoVoiceOpera colors

With the last PianoVoiceOpera Upgrade we introduce the concept of Titles. It means that for each aria title there are 7 (in few months they'll be 8) learning files that will help you to study it in a faster and simple way.

When we started focusing on this new 7 products available for each title, the question was: "How can we make it easy for singers to distinguish witch kind of file they are browsing on and evaluating?
In other words, we had 7 files with the same title and we decided to distinguish them using colors!

On our website is possible to find 7 files (products) for each title (aria) at the moment, but we are working on a new file type that will be available soon. So, I prefer to show you all the colors (8) that will represents our products from now to the future:

Piano Files

MP3 Piano Accompaniment

PianoVoiceOpera Mp3 Original Piano Tracks

This color represent the most common PianoVoiceOpera Mp3 files: the piano accompaniment tracks from the original score.

Mp4 Video Guide

PianoVoiceOpera Mp4 Video Guide Piano Accompaniment

This color will represent the Video Guide files. Soon available on PianoVoiceOpera.Com

Mp3 Easy Piano Track

PianoVoiceOpera Simplified Mp3 Piano Tracks

This color represent the easy piano accompaniment tracks. Those tracks are made to help singers to learn the melody!

Easy PDF Sheet Music

PianoVoiceOpera Simplified Sheet Music

This color represent the easy piano sheet music. Those PDF files will make it simple to read difficult music.

Text Files

Mp3 Lyrics Pronunciation

PianoVoiceOpera Mp3 Lyrics Pronunciation

This color represent the Lyrics Pronunciation Mp3 files. Useful to quickly understand how to correctly pronunce every single word.

Mp3 Lyrics Rhythm 

PianoVoiceOpera Rhythm Lyrics

This color represent the Lyrics Rhythm Mp3 Files. Those files can help you to fit the words in the right rhythm.

Translation PDF Files

PianoVoiceOpera Lyrics Translation

This color represent the Text Translation PDF Files. A flowing English text version. 

Transliteration PDF Files

PianoVoiceOpera Lyrics Transliteration

This color represent the Text Transliteration PDF Files. A Word by Word text analysis.

Now I want to show  you exactly what does it means for you to find a Title on PianoVoiceOpera:

For example we are searching "O mio babbino caro" from Gianni Schicchi by G. Puccini. If we search for it using or search bar, we'll get 7 result:

PianoVoiceOpera O mio babbino caro Mp3 Piano Accompaniment
O mio babbino caro easy piano accompaniment track
O Mio Babbino Caro Easy Piano Sheet Music
O mio babbino caro lyrics pronunciation
O mio babbino caro Lyrics Rhythm
O Mio Babbino Caro Text Translation
O Mio Babbino Caro Text Transliteration

​As you can see the title is always "O Mio Babbino Caro" but they change colors and the definitions. In this way you know that, for example, if you are browsing a product page and the image is blue you are always browsing a "Easy Piano Sheet Music" product! Make sense?

There are three colors more that represent three different PianoVoiceOpera proposals: Title on demand, Packages and Anthologies.

Titles on demand Packages Anthologies

In order to provide you the best services and special offers, we decided to insert on our website those areas:

In the Packages and Anthologies pages you will always found some products on sale!

  • Packages usually contains full Titles, for example all the files from O mio babbino caro! Or all the studies from Concone Op. 12 for high voice. Every bundled products will shown on this page at a special price! 
  • Anthologies are specified files from different titles that are bundled together to build a compilation of tracks inspired to something. For example we have Anthologies dedicated to all the Tenor Arias by  G. Verdi.


​I hope this post will help you to have a clear idea of what you are browsing on our website. For any question please do not hesitate to leave a comment using the Facebook comments or site comments box below. If you have friends that are in trouble with our website, please share this page with theme! Thank you.

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