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Singing Come Paride Vezzoso

Come Paride Vezzoso

Come Paride Vezzoso (Just as the charming Paris) is a first act aria from L'Elisir di d'Amore by Gaetano Donizetti. This famous aria is singed by the self-important Sergeant Belcore that appears with his regiment and immediately sets about courting Adina in front of everyone. Here some tips&tricks on how to face this aria. Continue Reading...

Come Paride Vezzoso - Interpretation Tips

When tackling these funny roles, often in danger of falling into caricatures. Be funny, not clowns! what should make people laugh is the situation and the character, not your personal show with moves and parodies, I hope you could understand what I mean. Smile! you're trying to flatter the girls. Even if the approach is wrong, with a smile you will have more chances.

Come Paride Vezzoso - Technical Tips

Dear baritones, you are about to sing a funny and anything but easy aria. Low notes, acutes, legato, agility. My advice is to start studying it very slowly, taking care to sing all the notes with open-throat even when you'll be able to sing it to the actual speed. One more thing: agilities are sung in the while with legato. Do not loose to the vocal position and not darkened the tone of voice.

Come Paride Vezzoso - Focusing On:

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Breath Management
70 %
80 %

Come Paride Vezzoso - Listening Suggestion

Listening to great singers is always the best way to improve your technique and style. don’t try to do what they do while singing (each of us is unique and unrepeatable and what is good for the great singers maybe will not work well for you!); just listen the sound and try to reproduce it with your voice! Use our files and tracks to study the song and record yourself. Listening to yourself singing is always a good way to start.

Roberto De Candia


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