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Singers Reviews Application Form

In this page you can place your application to be reviewed on PianoVoiceOpera or to tell your story! Maybe you are asking yourself what the difference is. Well you can find a short description here below:

Your Story

If you want to talk about your story you must have a particular one to tell us! For example you may talk about your vocal disorders and how you managed them. Or for instance you can tell about your particular way of study singing or how do you use PianoVoiceOpera tracks. The important thing is that your story tell something interesting and can provide valuable information for other singers.


If you want to be reviewed you don't need to have a particular story! A review on our website will help you to be known online. This is a new PianoVoiceOpera service with the purpose to give to every opera singer a good opportunity to say to the world "Hey I'm here and that's what I sing". Each review will be published in our blog as blog post under the "Singers Reviews" category. A review contains all the information to be contacted by our visitors (name, last name, nationality, email address, website), a short personal description (up to 300 words), pictures (up to 5), youtube videos or audio MP3 (up to 3 based on PianoVoiceOpera Tracks), declaration of opera and roles already played (up to 10), downloadable Curriculum Vitae in PDF format.

Ok but....how much it cost?​

The good news is that both the services, Your story and Reviews, are completely FREE. Just fill out the form below and get started now!​ The only thing we ask is at list 1 track obligatory recorded using a PianoVoiceOpera track.

The fields marked with * are required!

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